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Features that make Denver attractive

Denver is an attractive city that has a wide range of tourist attractions such as Washington Park, State Capitol Building, Elitch Gardens Theme Parks, Denver Museum of Nature and Science, Denver Botanic Gardens, Union Station and Denver Zoo. For an individual looking forward to have an amazing time touring Denver, he should rent an exotic vehicle using ez car rental dia to enjoy the amazing views of Denver city. Some of the tourist attraction sites to visit include:

1. Washington Park

It’s one of the finest parks in Denver. It’s well known as a Wash Park. The park occupies approximately 165 acres with the most popular trails featuring in the park. It has the largest flower garden in the city with two scenic lakes accompanying them. The park attracts fitness enthusiasts from within the city because of its biking and running trails.

2. State Capitol Building

It’s a 19th century building that was designed by Elijah E. Myers who was an architect at that time. The State Capitol Building is about a mile high at approximately 5280 feet which has resulted to Denver city being widely known as the Mile High City. The building is the epicentre of the city’s classical lines.

3. Elitch Gardens Theme Park

There is an Institute in Denver that was named after the Elitch Gardens. The gardens were formed in 1890 and are located on the Western side of Denver city. Elitch Gardens has fewer gardens which allows for tourists to experience more rides.

4. Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Most people referred to the museum as the Natural History Museum. The museum offers a wide range of educational activities to individuals of all ages. The museum dates back to 1900 when it was discovered by Edwin Carter. Currently it has over a million objects that trace back to regions across the world.

5. Denver Botanic Gardens

The Botanic Gardens have over thirty two thousand types of plants that are located from all over the world. They also have Xeriscape gardens that need less water which makes them effective for the dry climatic challenges experienced in Colorado. The gardens are a source of inspiration for most individuals within Denver city and are an attractive tourist city with an amazing nature view.

6. Union Station

Union Station is an iconic building that dates back to the 1880s which was revived and reopened in 2014. The building has several shops, restaurants and a transit hub. Tourists have a wide range of activities that they can engage in such as watching a match or enjoying a drink at the bar. The Union Station also acts as respite from heat during summer.

7. Denver Zoo

The Zoo is located on an 80 acres area in the city park and it dates back to 1896. It receives approximately 1.6 million tourists. Currently it has 4000 animals from all over the world.

Denver is a well-endowed city that has various tourist attraction sites. An individual looking forward to making long lasting memories and enjoying the amazing views in Denver will have to rent an exotic car to be able to enjoy the views.

TOP 6 Tips for Under 25 Car Renters: Rules & Limitations!

If you are reading this post now, you have already faced with a dilemma to rent a car. The hottest question for today is how to rent a car under 25.Things can’t be all that bad. It is possible to rent a car for young drivers and there are many ways to do that. If you are going for a romantic trip, for a vacation or just a business trip, you need a car for that. Don’t worry! There must be a car for young drivers under 21. Nevertheless, there is something you should know.

 Let’s Speak About Your Age

In general, you must be 20 + years old to take a car for rent.Nevertheless, sometimes you can face with absolutely different age limitations.Things are changing. So, going through the USA, you should learn beforehand about all possible difficulties you may face with. Thus, in New York you can get a car only if you are 18 already. To take a car in Mississippi state you must be 21 year old. So, it is needed to check the age limit before you book a car to avoid rental problems on arrival.

Samsung Galaxy S8+ smartphone


1. Companies Dictate Their Own Rules

As it was said before, every state has its own strict age limitations,established by a government. Nevertheless, rental companies used to declare their own rules. That simply means if you face with a problem to rent a car as a young driver, you can find many other companies with different rules and limitations. Just find them and don’t give up. The best way to spend a little time and find a company you need is mobile rental app. You can find a car you like and check limitations and necessary documents. Today, rental companies are friendly with under 21 drivers. But you are asked to pay a fee when you rent a car.

2. You Are Asked About Fee

So, what about fee? It’s all about that special sum you have to pay in addition to the rental fee. This is fee for young drivers specially. So, if you are older than 25-21 you don’t have to overpay. How much? You have to ask a rental company as different companies put different prices as an age fee. That’s why mobile apps are needed. You can get this information easily.

Fees Key

3. How To Avoid Age Fee

There is always a way to cheat and not to pay fee. The simplest variant is to let adults rent a car for you. Going for a trip? Invite your elder brother or friend with you. Anyway, you can also get a membership in USAA or AAA (American Automobile Association). If you are a member of AAA and a rental company you are dealing with supports this membership, you will net be asked to pay a fee for young drivers.

4. Insurance

If you are under 25, you don’t need any additional insurance if you already have a personal insurance. It is better to ask about it your rental company. If you are not sure, you can take Loss Damage Waiver Police that makes you free from responsibility for a damaged car. Insurance is a very responsible step. So, make it right!

Car sinking in a pothole

5. Unavailable Cars to Pick

 It’s not a problem for young drivers to rent a car. Nevertheless, it isbetter to check first what cars are available to take for rent. You may have problems with renting exotic cars, sport cars, vintage cars. Economy class cars and compact cars are available for rent. Speaking about vans, they are allowed to rent for drivers under 21. It must be very helpful if you are going for a road trip with your friends. It is easy to check this information from your rental car app.

6. Exotic Cars for Rent When You Are Under 25

Don’t worry if you want to hire a sport car. There are few car brands that are available for rent even for young drivers. Pay attention to Camaros, Chargers, Mustangs! That must be great! The lux class cars are not available. But every company has its own rules and limitations. There is a chance that you are offered a wide choice of different cars. So use your app to know more about all available car models for young drivers.


If you want to rent a car you should start to contact to all nearby companies and learn about their special conditions. World popular companies can boast the biggest choice of available cars but higher prices and age fee. Smaller companies require cheaper prices but can’t offer you too much. Now, you know everything about age limitation for young drivers. You can get the full information about prices, cars, all needed documents in one click.